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Melonit / Vs: Meloni kasvamaana kasvihuoneeseen
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Itellä on kokemusta  ainoastaan viime suvelta. Tuolloin kasvoi menestyksekkäästi sokerimeloni  AGORA F1 hybridi, sekä SUGAR BABY vesimeloni.

Nyt taitaa jo olla haasteellista löytää AGORA F1 lajikkeen siemeniä, koska SPERLIN oussukoissa on nykyisin mm.  ARTEMIS F1, joka lienee aikatavala samanlainen charantaistyyppinen oranssilihainen makea aromaattinen lajike.



Indeterminate tomato plant with unlimited grow. Mid-season (110-120 days) heirloom variety for open ground and greenhouses. Plum shaped, small, red tomatoes, weight 30-60g (1-2 oz.). Very profilic. Use fresh, dried and for canning.


Italian heirloom bred for sun-drying. Dates back to the 1910s.

Semi-det. tomato, regular leaf, plant 2“ high. Fruits small 20- 25 g, red, plum-shaped with a tip. The taste is the average, a lot of seeds. Excellent for drying and long term storage in tassels as Pienollo.For successful long-term storage, it is necessary to grow the tomatoes in certain conditions-drought and soil rich in minerals (such as volcanic soil at Mount Vesuvius).

Tomato Principe Borghese. Small indeterminate plants bear prolifically and must be staked or caged. Tomatoes set on clusters of 7-10 fruit each weighing about 2 oz. They hold extremely well on the vine. 72 days. Eat fresh in salad or dry for sun-dried tomatoes. They also make outstanding oven-roasted tomatoes; slice in half, drizzle with some olive oil, bake at 250°F until mostly done, sprinkle with fresh basil, oregano, etc. Eat as a contorno or freeze.

PIENNOLO SPUNZILLO PENDOLO ( Pomodoro pendolino - pomodorino piennolo spunzillo pendolo)

small tomatoes oval or slightly plum-shaped with a pointed apex, thick skin of crimson red color, high consistency pulp and red color, intense lively flavor and sweet-sour.

average weight 25 grams

Great to be kept hanging for good tomatoes until February.
small tomatoes with very thick skin to be kept hanging.

(Pomodoro invernale giallo -pomodori gialli pomodorino pomodorini)

Winter yellow tomato - yellow cherry tomatoes .

Small tomatoes, globular, yellow-orange in color, with a very thick skin.

These tomatoes have the advantage of requiring very little water for irrigation and grow very slowly.

They should be collected with the entire class when they become yellow and are then hung with string in a dry and ventilated place where they keep very long. For this they are very suitable for consumption in winter.

They are preserved for a long time and can be consumed in winter


Fantastic tomatoes! Exremt productive with lots of sweet tomatoes in beautiful bunches. A small plum tomato that is perfect for different salads, antipasti and pasta. Easy to grow!
The world's best Datterini! Our Dattero Piccolo Ibrido F.1. Tall varieties which side shoots should be removed.

Datterini-tomato has in recent years become immensely popular in Italy and we understand. Sweet and aromatic. Easy to grow and productive. Produces clusters of clusters of the tastiest tomatoes. This is a hybrid F.1 resistant to many of the diseases that can affect tomatoes.

Juicy, tasty and safe and easy to grow tomatoes. It is amazing productive and a variety that we grow year after year!

A typical Italian mini plum tomato / dadeltomat as we have seen many times in Italian vegetable markets. Dattero tomatoes have a very sweet taste and therefore fits perfectly in good salads but we have also seen the Bloody Mary di Pomodori dattero (perfect with these sweet tomatoes), pasta dishes like orecchiette with pomodori datterini, tomatmarmelader with pomodori dattero and pickled pomodorino datterino al forno ( small baked datterini tomatoes) with garlic and oregano.


Ponderosa is a very old tomato variety that has been preserved thanks to the monks. Round orange yellow tomatoes. South to winter tomatoes. Only at Gourmet Garage. They should be enjoyed fresh but usually also be hung up in a large cluster so that you have access to as fresh tomatoes as possible, even in winter. A fantastic tomato! Only at Gourmet Garage!
Our own vegetable garden assortment of favorite resorts. Ponderosa we had in our range since 5 years back and we have grown and been fascinated by this so durable tomatoes. It is a late variety that ripens late in the late summer / early autumn, but in return, probably the most durable we have.

Ponderosa is a very old variety from southern Italy which is known for its extreme durability. It is said that it is the monks who preserved this variety and vitamin content is said to be much higher than other tomatoes. They are used to advantage cooked. It's really a pomo d'oro (golden apple) md its delicate orange yellow color. The tomatoes are round, golden on the outside and red and yellow inside. The flavor is mild and sweet.

Ponderosa is often called pomodoro eterni or da appendere (evighetsomater) because they are extremely durable and you hang up tomato bunches in a single large cluster (as a piennolo) for consumption in various cooked dishes during the months you can not harvest the fresh tomatoes.

The shell is thick and the flesh is firm with a golden orange. For various dishes with fish and seafood, but also in various sauces. Even for bruschetta and salads, pizza and pasta.

Very sweet and sour tomato that is so incredibly strong that you can not believe it's true. Hang them in a thick laced in an airy and cool place and you have tomatoes for the winter.

(Pomodoro del Piennolo Giallo - pomodorino piennolo pendolo)

Small tomatoes are oval or slightly plum-shaped with a pointed apex. Fruits has high consistency yellow pulp. Small tomatoes with very thick skin to be kept hanging.

Average weight of fruit is 25 grams

Great to be kept hanging for good tomatoes until February.

DATTERINO BABY BLUM (Pomodoro Datterino -pomodorino pomodorini)

Determinate, bushy plant.
Small red blum tomatoes, sweet and tasty.
Average weight of fruit is 8 grams.

Suitable for pots and balcony cultivation.

These tomatoes have the advantage of requiring little water for irrigation.

Italian piennolo tomato.
Pomodoro da Serbo. Orto Village Gourmet Garage. .

Organic seeds to authentic Italian piennolo tomatoes typical of neapoletanska food culture. These have a longer tip (il pizzo) than our Principe Borghese.
As we have been looking. At last we can offer organic seeds to authentic Italian piennolo tomatoes typical of neapoletanska food culture. These have a longer tip (il pizzo) than our Principe Borghese.

A great tomato to all southern Italian dishes. It is best suited for cooking but it tends to be used on a piping hot grilled focaccia when they are freshly harvested.

500 years old tomato variety from Borgo Celano in Apulia. Restricted Party! First come...
Solanum lycopersicum

Talk Heirloom! Very old tomato variety from Borgo Celano in Apulia. It is said to have grown there in 500 (!!?) Years.

Red tomatoes with thick shells that are perfect for storage and preservation in a piennolo but also of course to be enjoyed freshly harvested.
The tomato has the characteristic "il pizzo" - the tip which is so typical of all varieties stored hanging in a cluster.

Tall tomatoes which side shoots should be removed.

Combine 4-5 months after sowing.
Borgo Celano tomatoes are a little rounder than the "regular" tomatoes piennolo


The tastiest cultivated tomato we! Yellow piennolo-tomato - Frönyhet 2017. Campania piennolo yellow tomatoes.
Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.

Be the first with the last seeds from Gourmet Garage! Our own vegetable garden catalog Orto Village Gourmet Garage.

Yellow piennolo tomatoes have become incredibly popular in Italy in recent years and is now taking over the red varieties. Yellow tomatoes are super good in different fish dishes and better suited to the fish than red tomatoes. Yellow tomatoes are also great in salads and a tasty and beautiful salad is obtained by mixing yellow and red.

Yellow piennolo-tomatoes and green Friggitelli peperone is also a combination that is stunning and you can make good sauces and dips by mixing these typical varieties from Campania and the Vesuvius area.

Learn more about these sustainable varieties and (to) the food culture in Campania in Anna Åkermans Book From Italy to your kitchen garden.


Vesuvian tomato. Pendolino F1 is very durable and has a great taste.

Small fruits tomato type. The plant is indeterminate, medium vigor and it has a good foliage cover with short internodes. The fruit is small ovoid, vivid red colour and weight net is 20-30 gr. It is excellent taste consistent L.S.L. Suitable for fresh market and industry. Resistance at ToMV - Vd:0 - Fol:2. It’s very resistant to the cracking and excellent for shipping.

A fairly early very productive variety. The fruits are small and have the characteristic tip, il pizzo!
Pendolino has a great flavor and the tomatoes have a wonderfully bright tomato red color.
Resistant to TMV, V and F2. S
The shell is thick and the tomato is generally very durable.
High grade and will need support.

Päiväkirjat / Vs: Tiinan tomaatin kasvatus ja lajikkeet
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16.02.2017. Taimet on lähteneet terhakasti kasvuun koulinnan jälkeen. Viime päivät on olleet aurinkoisia, mutta valitettavasti koko tonttini on niin varjoisa, ettei aurinko juurikaan vielä valaise olkkaria, jossa taimet  ovat. keskipäivällä kuitenkin saadaan pikkuhetki nauttia auringosta. Valoa saisi kieltämättä olla enemmänkin.

Koulinnassa sain taimet  kaulaansa myöten turvemullan alle ja nyt onneksi päivä pitenee jokapäivä hippasen. 

Päivänpituus on tänään 9 h 10 min. Hiukan hirvitti taimia istuttaa noin pieninä rääpäleinä noihin 10cm syviin  dynoihin, mutta hyvin ne  näemmä siinäkin pärjää.   Kyllä on ihanaa seurata taimien kehitystä! :P

Päiväkirjat / Vs: Tiinan tomaatin kasvatus ja lajikkeet
« : 16.02.17 - klo:20:10 »
12-13.02.2017     Tomaatin taimien kouliminen  10 cm syviin dynoihin. Tähän saakka kasvoivat 5 cm korkeissa dynoissa.
Astian pohjalle tuli noin sentti kylvöturvemultaa ja   reunoille   hyppysellinen NEUDORFF Fertofit BIO puutarhalannoiterakeita varastolannoitteeksi  taimikasvatusajalle. Kastellaan tarvittaessa pelkällä viileällä vedellä, nyt ei anneta mitään muita lannoitteita.   

Taimet ennen ja jälkeen koulinnan. Kaveriksi saivat Dark Opal basilikaa. Tomaatti ja basilika on ns. kaverikasveja ja molemmat  hyötyy toisensa läsnäolosta.
Päivänpituus 8 h 53 min 13.02.2017.

Päiväkirjat / Vs: Tiinan tomaatin kasvatus ja lajikkeet
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08.02.2017 huomasin, että 42 Days tomaatti oli tehnyt hassusti 3 sirkkalehteä. Saa nähdä, miten kehitys tuosta jatkuu.. Taimia on kolme ja kahdella niistä on 3 sirkkalehteä.

Kuukkeloimalla olen lukenut ristiriitaista tietoa asiasta. Yhden mukaan kolme lehtinen kehityisi heikommin, toisen mukaan normaalisti ja kolmannen mukaan keskivertoa paremmin. Tässä vaiheessa näyttäisi siltä, kuin niiden kehitys olisi muita aavistuksen hitaampaa. 

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